What We Do

VirtualArtsTV turns the performing arts into and Interactive, Global Event

As the inventors of the modern, live-streamed performing arts experience, the VirtualArtsTV team specializes in transforming live theater, dance and music into compelling, interactive live video events tailored specifically to the online audience.

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Live-Streamed Events

  • Better Left Unsaid TV - A live Streamed digital play
  • Julia Weldon - live-streamed folk-pop musician, guitarist, and songwriter
  • First live-streamed web drama, Kathryn Jones, Guiesseppe Jones, Sharr White, Adam Forgash
  • Words of Choice: Roe at 40 - live-streamed social activist theater
  • Barbie Diewald - Trio Dance Collective Live Streamed Dance
  • TITS - a live streamed one woman play with Ege Maltepe
  • Mari Meade live streamed Dance - Excerpt from What We Were Handed
  • S.T.A.R live-streamed interactive educational theater
  • sleepdance live streamed dance with live violas
  • Jennifer Mellor - Les Muses: Live-Streamed Dance
  • No Exit - live streaming theater in french with english subtitles
  • Grapefruit - live streamed digital theater
  • Exit 12 Dance Company Live-Streamed
  • Tami Stronach - Me and Not Me live-streamed dance
  • Die: Roll to Proceed - live-streamed comedy
  • Tiffany Mills - Berries and Bulls live streamed dance performance
  • Steeledance - Still Waters Run live-streamed
  • Kendra Portier Live-streamed Dance
  • Mana Kawamura - live-streamed dance
  • Lindsey Dietz Marchant - live-streamed dance
  • Jim Morrow - live-streamed Dance
  • Elena Demyanenko - In Formation
  • Abstract Nude - A live-streamed digital play
  • Bradley Teal Ellis - (american)guilt - (excerpt)
  • Alice and Elizabeth's One Woman Show - Live-streamed theater