2 Minute Excerpt: Machete

The Dresden Dolls Live-Streamed From The Coney Island Amphitheater, August 27th, 2016

Live-stream produced and directed by VirtualArtsTV. Excerpt is taken directly from live line-cut, with no additional edits.

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Watch a full replay of the  show here

and check out the quotes from the World Wide audience below…..

pup: holy shit, this is just as good as being there

maria-lynn-: This is amazing!

natascha: the quality of the stream is great

mark: I’m actually impressed by the quality of this stream… first time I’ve actually watched a live stream.

joshua: Also, you guys are killing it with the dynamic camera angles.

natascha: almost like a real concert…almost…awesome…love it

rosie: …this stream is amazing

pup: i’ve joined many live streams in my day *hands on hip* but none better than this one xD

cecilia: Sometimes you go to church and sometimes you worship from home. 🙂

rachel: Great audio too, smashing stuff tech crew

carmen: the camera person has this cased out completely

jon-: so awesome to watch something in coney island here in chicago

amara: The videography for this & lights are outstanding!! So fucking happy to have supported this on her patreon

christina: YES! The camera work is fantastic!

jas: Thank you camera guys for the superb work!

‏@bobwait : #DresdenDolls killing it tonight! Massively glad they’re #live #streaming their show from Coney Island. #rock #punk #cabaret #music

‏@CaitlinNobes:Amazing to watch the #DresdenDolls live stream! Almost as good as being there with @amandapalmer.

kevin: just like the bowie tribute this is the best ever

joshua: this has been an evening to remember. Thank you all guys

‏@jujyfruit0: Heh. Technology I <3 you. I can’t be at the #DresdenDolls live but I can watch @amandapalmer on ze webs
‏@brittomart: stopped in to take a peak and now it’s a concert in my living room  … #DresdenDolls

‏@JillianneWrites .@DresdenDolls just went on at Coney Island, I’m streaming it and I am pumped. #dresdendolls

Lyz : Thank you so much for the live stream, it was golden

Michael:e Thank you for the live webcast, it was an awesome morning in Australia xx

Martin: The live webcast was amazing. Re rocked we drank wine. – England

Cookie: There are no words enough to describe just how amazingly wonderful it is that The Dresden Dolls are back, for good I hope ❤️ ….. Sadly could not be there in person but the live webcast was just stunning, what an incredible performance and it was so beautiful to watch and to be part of such an amazing and emotional night…..t… XxX -GREECE

Elizabeth: So grateful for the livestream. What a beautiful show. Washington State

Beck: Absolutely amazing that I can enjoy this live from little old Brisbane!! Thank You DD xx

Shay : This is the best show I’ve seen you two perform! Thank you for letting this Midwestern be a part of it!! I drank, danced, and sang in my living room as if I was there in Coney Island!!!

Alan: Thank you, thank you, thank you for the livestream. Thank you. Fabulous show. Lots of emotions going on here right now.

Amy: Watching the webcast and it’s amazing. Thank you for the gift! – las Vegas

Bryan: Absolutely amazing webcast and sound is wonderful thank you for doing this. – New Zealand

Shelly: This meant so much to me. Thank you for streaming live and sharing this night with me.

Nathalie: Watching from the netherlands. ❤❤ the sound is great btw…

Tiffany:  So incredibly moving. I hate I missed it live, but this webcast is everything! THANK YOU!

Peter: The whole webcast felt like the warmest group hug / family reunion. The chat and the selfies added to the magic of the concert.