A Global, Interactive Presence for the Performing Arts

Imagine watching a live NY city dance performance… from Australia.

Imagine producing a play and having it seen by an unlimited worldwide audience.

Imagine commenting on a NY City concert from Moscow and getting a response from someone in Brazil!

Imagine that audiences from all over the globe can see a new playwright’s one-act, a choreographers workshop, the premiere of an operetta… live, from anywhere in the world – and all they need is an internet connection!

As the first producers of multi-camera live streaming video-plays, VirtualOvationTV has taken the lead in turning the performing arts into an interactive global experience. Through empathetic and visually arresting storytelling, every VirtualOvationTV performance is presented as both a traditional theater experience and as a live online video experience. Then, via active social media interaction we encourage the worldwide communities that spring up around each performance to share their responses across continents, cultures and datelines. The result is an entirely new form of performing arts, a cross between theater, online video, live streaming and social media, that is inclusive, compelling, and effecting.

Composed of theater, film and television professionals, VirtualOvationTV video-plays are presented in front of a live studio audience. These video-plays are simultaneously shot with at least three cameras, mixed in real time, and streamed live to the internet so that anyone, anywhere in the world can watch the show and interact with it via Facebook, Twitter and chat rooms.

A perfect cross between theater, online video, live streaming and social media, what makes our team successful is our extensive experience and dedication to all four of those storytelling mediums. We are committed to the idea that for each production we are creating not only a traditional theater experience for our in-house audience, but an online video experience for our streaming audience that feels like a video- not a play that has been taped. In addition every production has a Digital Director whose focus is engaging the online audience in conversations during the show and relaying those conversations back to the in-house audience. The result is that every audience member, both in-house and online has a visceral sense of the global nature of the art they are viewing.

Like a traditional play, each of our video-plays is presented for a limited run, usually between 8 and 16 performances. Every performance is performed in front a live studio audience and also streamed live to the internet, so that just as it would be in a theater, every live stream is a unique, unrepeatable experience.

Although we are creating an entirely new kind of performance that is deeply wedded to twenty-first century technology the basics of storytelling and authenticity are as crucial to the success of our work as for any artistic endeavor. And while the result may be part play, part video, the ancient provenance of our art form makes our work easily relatable to all of our audiences, be they in the theater or watching on their computers from the comfort of their home.