The Thrill of Live Theater…In Your Classroom

About VirtualArtsTV

VirtualArtsTV is the inventor of the modern, live-streamed performing arts experience. The VirtualArtsTV team specializes in transforming live theater, dance and music into compelling, interactive live video events tailored specifically to the online audience.

Developers of the first online platform and the first mobile app for the live-streamed performing arts, all VirtualArtsTV projects are shot with multiple cameras, edited in real-time, and streamed live to the internet via state-of-the-art equipment.

VirtualArtsTV projects have been seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers all over the globe and have been covered in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Turkey, Paris Match and to name just a few.

Recent VirtualArtsTV projects include the acclaimed Bedlam’s Hamlet, streamed live to New York City schools and Jay O’Sanders’ concert reading of Unexplored Interiors,  streamed live to Rwanda and viewed by audience members in Iceland, Sweden, Uganda, Switzerland, France , South Africa,  Belgium, Canada, England and The United States.

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