The Thrill of Live Theater…In Your Classroom


Are the shows really, actually, LIVE?
Yes! Everything we do is LIVE – we edit and stream in real-time – so the play you are watching is happening just as you are seeing it (except for the 30 seconds it takes for our signal to get to your students). Our actors are live, our shows are live, our talk backs are live. Like any show you might go to in any theater, this is a once in a lifetime experience!
Can we watch in our classroom?
Yes! You can watch the show live in your classrooms on your white board, on student’s computers, or on any connected device you choose.
Can students watch at home?
Yes. We have scheduled evening performances so, if you prefer, your students can watch after school as an evening assignment.
Can the whole school watch together in the auditorium?
Absolutely. The live-streamed shows can be viewed via projector or any other technology your school prefers for displaying media to your students.
How do we watch the show?
We will send you a url, or webpage address. On that web page you will see a video player. It will look just like a YouTube video player and at showtime – the video will automatically start to play. You can watch the live-stream full screen on your computer, your whiteboard, your iPad, your phone or on a large screen with your projector.
What if we miss the show? Can we watch it later?
Nothing beats live and we fervently believe that students will have the most meaningful and exciting experience if they are sharing the show live in real-time with their classmates and with other students all over the US. However, if an emergency comes up and you can’t make any of the showtimes, let us know. We will be able to make some of our show available to you “on demand”, or pre-recorded, after the fact. Our contracts with some of our shows do not allow that option, but wherever possible we will try to make an on-demand option available for emergency situations.
Can we record the show?
No, it is a violation of copyrights to record the show.
Can we take screenshots of pictures of the shows?
Absolutely! Taking still images of the shows is great! Post them, email them,share them, cherish them!