Hollywood! (or Live-streaming Theater Goes Mainstream… Again!)

VirtualArtsTV in Hollywood Reporter - by Jonathan Handel

Just as VATV CEO Kathryn Jones was appearing with MTV, the NBA, TheStreet and Webstream on a panel about live-streaming, VirtualArtsTV was featured in an article about unions and live-streaming in an comprehensive article by entertainment and technology law reporter Jonathan Handel for the Hollywood Reporter.

VATV has been live-streaming scripted content since way back in 2007 – and live-streamed our first digital play in 2011. Jonathan’s excellent article outlines the complications and contradictions that artists are encountering when dealing with the unions.

At VATV we know that we have stepped into a limitless future, where we get to create a whole new model of what performing arts can be -part theater, part video, part social media part live-stream, creating more work and more revenues for actors, writers, directors, designers, dancers musicians and producers. We are thrilled that Heretick Lab was able to secure the New Media contract that we think is appropriate for this work  and which has been denied to us in all  sorts of strange ways, time and again (we even went to SAG with a production that included no AEA actors, just SAG actors, and AEA responded that they would claim jurisdiction).  Happily it seems as if change is really coming. Our interactions with AEA East Coast Regional Director Thomas Campbell have been incredibly pleasant and encouraging and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

And if you can’t get enough of Jonathan Handel- and we can’t because he’s smart, lovely,  and a  font of information about unions and contracts- you can hear him talk in greater detail about live-streaming arts (including great info on The Met Live in HD) on the Digital Production Buzz.


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