Live Online Video up 600% according to Comscore

…actually 648% according to Andres Palmiter in his recent article for Comscore. To further gild the lily, live streamed videos are holding on to their audiences 7% longer than traditional on demand video.

Why are live online broadcasts attracting and keeping an audience?

In a world with hundreds of thousands of videos on demand, live makes the viewer feel special. Today’s audience wants to feel a sense of ownership with the content they consume, and nothing creates a stronger sense of ownership than actually being there during a live webcast while your show is created.

Community! Live internet tv creates community. In fact, to my mind the best reason to do a live video show is the community it builds. People tune into live webcasts not only to see and talk to the host, but to see their friends in the chat room — to share their opinions, to make new friends, and to add their voice to the real time conversation. (When Charlie Oliver and I live streamed Women Respond to Palin we never had less than 400 people in our chat room — the conversations were one of the highlights of the 8 hour live streamed webathon).

Epic Fu Live streaming with LA New Media on at NME, photo by Steve Garfield, of note the busy chat room!

Live streaming video is exciting — anything can happen when there is no editor to clean things up… you never know what you might see.

Live online broadcasts take advantage of all the most popular facets of today’s social media connected world, it happens in real time, it is inherently interactive, it belongs to everyone and gives everyone a voice.

Here at  Better Left Unsaid we are taking this ever growing live streaming video phenomenon and going one step further – creating sophisticated, long form, quality scripted content and streaming it live. We are inviting our audience into our creative world and can not wait for the conversations to ensue!

What would you like to see live streamed video technology used for?

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  • price of stamps November 3, 2011, 11:10 am

    Loved listening to my friend on Jeremy Vine show trying to keep her head when all around were losing theirs. Points for the audible "Grr" !


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