Jay O. Sanders’ Unexplored Interior -The Play Reading Seen Round The World

Jay O Sanders Unexplored Interior Live-Streamed Play Reading to Rwanda

Clockwise from top left, Jay O. Sanders, Charles Parnell, Marlyne Barrett, Owiso Odera Michael McKean and Fritz Weaver View more pics on Facebook.

…a major contribution to the world both in terms of its content, and its theatrical innovation. Not to be missed – William Y on Google+


On May 11th audiences in Kigali, Rwanda, Reykjavik Iceland and New York City joined individual viewers all over the world to experience a live-streamed reading of Jay O. Sanders play, Unexplored Interior.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, the afternoon ended with a real time talk back between the Kagali and NYC audience.

With more live-streamed events in the works, VirtualArtsTV is proud to be helming a digital revolution that is helping artists and ideas cross digital boundaries to engage global audiences in new art, new ideas and new relationships.

Unexplored Interior was written by Jay O. Sanders and Directed by James Glossman.

Unexplored Interior was produced by The Flea Theater, The Public Theater, The Genocide Survivors Support Network, The Brotherhood Synagogue, Eugenie Mukeshimana, Daniel Neiden, Emmanuel Ruranga MS.LPC, Paula Gil, Erika Feldman and Luna Kaufman.

The cast of Unexplored Interior was Marlyne Barrett, Nile Bullock, Craig Alan Edwards, Arthur French, Glenna Grant, Clark Jackson, Michael McKean, Matthew Murumba, Irungu Mutu, Owiso Odera, Charles Parnell, Benjamin Thys, Sharon Washington, Fritz Weaver and James A. Williams.


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