Tempest Tuesdays Beta – Quotes, Pictures and Videos From Rehearsal 1


it’s amazing how compelling it is to watch, to be a virtual fly on the wall on the other side of the continent...it’s a surprisingly intimate experience…” – Mandy L in the chatroom

Lindsay Torrey and Malcolm Gets Rehearse The Tempest - Tempest Tuesdays Beta - a live-streamed rehearsal documentary

Lindsay Torrey and Malcolm Gets Rehearse The Tempest – Tempest Tuesdays Beta – a live-streamed rehearsal documentary

I used to dream about this living in my little corner of an island so isolated on the West Coastbeing connected to the world far beyond. Thank you!” – Janice L in the chatroom

The Experiment has begun!!!

This past Tuesday, July 8th VirtualArtsTV in partnership with Third Wing Media and Infused Media Group launched the first episode of Tempest Tuesdays Beta – a live-streamed rehearsal documentary.

For the actors it was business as usual. Actors Stacey Linnartz, Malcolm Gets and Lindsay Torrey, and Directors Francesca Mantani Arkus  and Cameron Bossert began working thru Act 1 Scene 1 and 2 – playing with the text, the given circumstances, the language, the relationships…

What was different?  Tempest Tuesdays Beta enabled our audience to be a fly on the wall during this  professional rehearsal for our future live-streamed show.  The chatroom was filled with viewers from across the US and Canada chatting about Shakespeare, live-streaming, The Tempest and their own projects. (As we progress we hope to include our viewers thoughts and comments into our rehearsal in real time)

Some Screenshots From Episode 1

And – if you want you can watch the video …. but we warn you – it kinda sucks.  You get the gist but the picture is terrible.

Why is the picture so terrible? Arggg – so frustrating.  It’s only 6 frames per second- that’s ridiculous,  the output was setup for 30fps.  You can see the usual quality of our streams here.

We usually us a Newtek Tricaster to edit and stream our live-shows.  The Tricaster  is state-of-the-art live-streamig equipment, used by everyone from ESPN to Miss America to Fox to GeekBeatTv – but they costs thousands of dollars a day to rent and 10’s of thousands to own. Even so – we are expecting to purchase our own Tricaster by the end of the month  (HOORAY!).

Until then we have a complicated set-up (details below for those who are interested) which is based around my macbook pro.  Working with less than three cameras is a no go for us – this solution lets us do that – but it  is definitely a work in process that is extremely taxing on my very powerful computer.  We are working on more solutions – but will hopefully have our lovely Tricaster sooner rather than later.

For those who care – our stream setup:

1 MacBook Pro Retina 2.6 GHz, 8 GB memory 2 Blackmagic UltraStudo Mini Recorders (connects two cameras to the two available thunderbolt ports) 1 Magewell USB3.0 HDMI/SDI capture dongle (connects third camera to USB3.o port) Wirecast

This whole setup is about $1200 (not including the computer) – and it works -barely.  Countdown to our Tricaster!