Celebrating A Vibrant Future for Digital Theater, Dance and Music

VirtualArtsTV’s WIREDARTS FEST 2013

The festival you can watch from your couch – The Wall Street Journal

Theater gets a tech twist – ABC.com


On February 19th, 2013, VirtualArtsTV launched the WiredArts Fest, the first live-streamed festival for digital theater, dance and music. Marking the dawn of a new, digital model of the live performing arts, VirtualArtsTV brought together more than 20 dance, theater and music companies at The Secret Theater in Long Island City, Queens.

No Exit - live streaming theater in french with english subtitles

No Exit performed in French, with English subtitles, and streamed live to a global audience as part of VirtualArtsTV’s WiredArts Fest

Streamed to more  than 60,000 unique live viewers from all over the world  the festival celebrated a vibrant future for the performing arts.

Sponsored by NewTek, AbelCine and Omega Jay Sound, The WiredArts Fest  was performed in front of a live studio audience, shot with 4 high definition cameras, edited in real time vie NewTek’s Tricaster 8000, and streamed live to a global audience. Meanwhile, VirtualArtsTV’s mobile app encouraged the audience  to share their experience via Facebook, Twitter and pictures.

Steeledance - Still Waters Run live-streamed

Dance New Amsterdam presents Steeledance as part of VirtualArtsTV’s WiredArts Fest

Key to the global appeal of the WiredArts Fest’s live streamed performances is the focus on translating the in-theater experience into a online experience that is that is tailored specifically a small screen and the expectations of an interactive, online video audience. Once again, The VirtualArtsTV team received virtual standing ovations from viewers around the world. Our audiences, both in the theater and online,  were engaged, excited and interactive. Here’s what just a few of them had to say:

Illuminating! –  @karalitas, Istanbul, Turkey

That was beyond amazing. To see a show as funny as that playing live from NY in Tunisia… It just blows me away! – Amin- Tunis, Tunisia

Do you realize what you are doing?!?! I live in the middle of the woods in a city of 300 people and I am watching live New York Theater! This is a breakthrough! –  Elsa M, Oregon

Ireland is tuned in to Words of Choice!  –  actions4choice

It is wonderful to be able to see live theater at home. The camera editing is perfect. Marvelous concept, great technology, great way to send performances around the world. – @GhengisGhengis, San Francisco

It’s amazing!…at home in my pjs with a blanket and chatting in real time to the theatre… Do this all the time! – Brett C, Orlando, Florida

Just watched WiredArts Festival “Les Muses” Jennifer Mellor Dance Project. Live streamed into my living room – what a thrill…I’m hooked. – @Margie, New York City

VirtualArtsTV presents The WiredArts Fest:

Abstract Nude
Alice and Elizabeth’s One Woman Show
Die: Roll To Proceed
Exit 12 Dance Company
Huis Clos/No Exit
Julia Weldon
Jennifer Mellor: Les Muses
Mari Meade Dance Collective
S.T.A.R Theatre at the Directors Company
Trio Dance Collective
Words of Choice: Roe at 40

Dance New Amsterdam Presents Artists at the WiredArts Fest:
Jim Morrow
Bradley Teal Ellis
Lindsey Dietz Marchant
Elena Demyanenko
Kendra Portier
Mana Kawamura
Tami Stronach
Teri and Oliver Steele

See the trailer for the first ever live -streamed interactive play!