Performing Arts Start-Up Heading to West Coast for CrowdStart LA Finals

VirtualArtsTV is reconceiving the performing arts for a wired, twenty-first century audience and has been selected as a finalist in the pitch contest.


Craig Waletzo and Marcus Ho in VirtualArtTV's first production, Better Left Unsaid

VirtualArtsTV founders Kathryn Velvel Jones, David B. Cohen, Joey Brenneman, and Erin Bigelow are proud to announce’s top 5 status in CrowdFunder’s Los Angeles competition.

VirtualArtsTV reconceives the performing arts by melding the in-seat experience with on-line through live streaming media and interactive commentary creating an authentic shared theatrical moment.

With the rise of the digital media revolution and the evolution of viewers consumption of media, Jones and company are seizing the opportunity to give artists, producers, and writers global access to audiences, regardless of the size or location of their productions.

VirualArtsTV intends to develop new revenue streams for performing artists, creators, and producers through convenience, cost efficacy, and interactivity while cultivating and engaging new audiences.

VirtualArtsTV’s first production, Better Left Unsaid, had over 50,000 unique live viewers from all over the globe, establishing that there is a passionate worldwide audience for the live-streamed performing arts. Jones says “If you make performances affordable and engage your audience with accessible technology, they will watch!”

Of the over 700 submissions CrowdFunder received, VATV has been selected, by crowdsourced audience votes, to present , live, to venture capitalists, angels, and entrepreneurs with the hope of winning financial backing.

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