Expand Your Audience, Ignite Your Community, Increase Your Revenues

Let VirtualArtsTV translate your next performance into a global live-streaming experience


Create new revenue streams and stronger grant proposals while building a new, engaged audience base from viewers from all over the world.

VirtualArtsTV creates a multi-camera live-streamed production of your work that is tailored specifally to an online audience, so that it is as compelling and excting and personal to your global audience as it is to your inhouse audience.

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The VirtualArtsTV team has been a leader and innovator in live-streamed performing arts since the inception of the live-streaming platforms in 2007.

The VirtualArts Team has over 60 years combined experience in each of the mediums necessary to translate a live- performance into a compelling, live-streamed video experience:

  • Theater
  • On-line Video
  • Film
  • Television
  • Social Media
  • Live-streaming

35- live streamed web drama