VOTV – Live-Streaming and the Performing Arts at the #140 Hudson Valley conference

This past August VOTV founder Kathryn Jones was a speaker at the 140 Characters Conference in Kingston, NY.

Kathryn spoke about  how social media and live-streaming have the capacity to reinvent all of the performing arts, from theater to music to dance – enabling even small companies to reach audiences and ignite passionate conversations about their work on a global scale. In the clip below Kathryn talks about how proud we are of the conversations that sprang up all over twitter about the issues raised in our live-stream of Better Left Unsaid, she hypothesizes about how a successful  theater company could expand their business model by live-streaming performances, and talks about the Laplaca Cohen Culture Track, which gives valuable information about  how people who frequent cultural events utilize social media.


Thank you to Dragon Search Internet Marketing Company for hosting the conference and posting the video!
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