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Arthur Aulisi as "Cal" in "35"

I’m Back!

Three years ago all my myriad passions, theater, film, online video social media, merged into the my proudest personal achievement “35”, the first scripted drama to stream live. Producing a multi-camera, 10 episode series, live, in New York on almost no money was impossible. It should never have happened. But I believed in that project. I believed in the potential of online media for actors and other artists, I believe in the excitement of live theater and live streaming, I believed it was time for me, after over a decade of waiting in lines to audition at actor’s equity, to forge my own dreams.

“35” was covered in major national papers, major blogs, featured in iTunes….it made not a penny..but even so, it was crystal clear to me that I am meant to create my own work.

So, I took a job in business development with an online video company to learn how to turn video into dollars. I had the opportunity to learn about advertising and agencies and sponsorships- an amazing experience-but my takeaways from my experience of being “Vice-President of Branded and Sponsored Entertainment” was that most online video is a poor man’s sitcom. If it’s not good enough for tv, and if it isn’t interactive – then what value do we bring to the online video paradigm?

So now, I’m back, doing what I love. My dear friend Joey Brenneman and I are producing the first independent live streamed video play. A funny, touching, beautiful play called Better Left Unsaid, which will be performed in it’s entirety, using multiple cameras, mixed in real time and streamed live to the internet, for 8 separate performances.

It feels wonderful to be working on a project I love again. It feels wonderful to be acting again (in this as well as a scattering of small plays) and that familiar feeling of terror is creeping up…. can we raise the money we need to do this? Will it work? Will anyone care? But those are just excuses not to move forward. I hope you’ll join me at and join in as my newest foray into the unknown unfolds!


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