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You can actually hear her breathing!… Wow. Like a front row seat. – @cyncooperwrtr

The thrill of live theatre, the feeling of being part of it and yet I’m miles away…amazing. – Carolyn, MA

That was beyond amazing… It just blows me away! – Amin, Tunisia

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! – Gaven, YouTube chat

The camera always goes to where my eyes want to go. – @feedpuppy, Twitter

I wish Steppenwolf would do same. -LovesPlays, VATV chat room

Do you realize what you are doing?!?! I live in the middle of the woods in a city of 300 people and I am watching live New York Theater! This is a breakthrough! –  Elsa M, Oregon

Watching a live play in NYC while sitting on my couch in Barcelona!  -@jbalko

Are you looking to expand your audiences? To experiment with new ways to tell stories and create community around your art?

We are cooking up a lot of future projects here at VirtualArtsTV but need to know more about the great non-union theater companies and non-union productions that are going on in NYC.

If you are part of a company or production we should know about, tell us who you are via the contact form on the right.

What kind of shows are we looking for?

Everything from traditional theater to dance to multi-media performances to things we can’t even think of… and  for all ages.  What matters most is that the work is good (totally subjective -but there it is) and that the artists are open to working with new ways to reach and interact with audiences all over the world.

Why aren’t we working with AEA?

Often we do.  We love AEA.  Many of us are current or former members of AEA. We work with AEA actors all the time and look forward to working with AEA in the future too. But,  we are also in the process of building a new industry – one that it is part theater, part online video, part social media and all LIVE. While the artists we work with almost always get paid, sometimes more than an applicable AEA contract would require (in addition we also usually use an independent film style contract so that everyone involved in a show shares in its longterm ownership), there are other stipulations of working with AEA that make it too hard for a start-up to grow and to experiment in ways that our new digital era demands. We want to keep all of our options open as we create new models of live performing arts that speak to a digital audience, that continue to attract audiences from all over the world, and that begin to create new revenue streams for actors, writers, dancers, designers, producers… for everyone.

About VirtualArtsTV

virtual_arts_3501.pngVirtualArtsTV is the inventor of the modern, live-streamed performing arts experience. Specializing in transforming live theater, dance and music into interactive live video events tailored specifically to the online audience, VirtualArtsTV has been producing multi-camera state-of-the-art live-streamed events since 2007. VirtualArtsTV has created the first live-streamed scripted web series, the first interactive live-streamed play,the first live-streamed performing arts festival, and the first mobile-app created for the live-streaming audience.

Recent live-streamed projects include the acclaimed Bedlam Theater’s Hamlet, the concert reading of Jay O. Sander’s Unexplored Interiors, The Flea Theater’s Smoke by Kim Davies, and TRUTH The Musical. VirtualArtsTV’s live-streamed events have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers from countries all over the world, many of whom have Tweeted, Facebooked and chatted in their questions, thoughts and virtual standing ovations to the casts and crews of this new, 21st century digital arts experience.