Open Rehearsals in a Twenty First Century World

We’re rehearsing The Tempest. Your call time is 8pm.

I will never forget the first time I got to watch  Mercedes Ruehl rehearse Antony and Cleopatra.

Mercedes Ruehl as Cleopatra, Actors Theater of Louisville. Costume design by Marcia Dixcy Jory

Mercedes Ruehl as Cleopatra, Actors Theater of Louisville. Costume design by Marcia Dixcy Jory.

Under Jon Jory’s artistic direction, every company rehearsal at Actors Theater of Louisville was open to all of the apprentices, an opportunity I took advantage whenever time allowed. I sat in on a lot of rehearsals with a lot of great actors and directors that year but when Mercedes Ruehl rehearsed, the creativity bounced off the walls. She was a relentless, non-stop creative engine – and I literally responded with a surge of energy of my own as I sat there and watched her create, and inspire everyone around her.

What an amazing lesson for a young actor. What an amazing opportunity, to be able to watch professionals as their creative process unfolds.

So… when Third Wing Media, inspired by the marvelous 4 person Bedlam’s Hamlet, came to us with the idea of creating a four person Tempest, in this case a Tempest designed specifically to be live-streamed to schools, we were excited.  And then, when  we all took it one step further with the idea to create a live documentary of the rehearsal process,  I immediately remembered how much I loved being invited into the rehearsal process at ATL ….

Why not see what happens when you adapt the open rehearsal experience to an interactive, digital audience?

This tuesday at 8pm VirtualArtsTV, along with our partners Third Wing Media and Infused Media launch Tempest Tuesdays Beta – A Live, Interactive Rehearsal Documentary.  (#TempestTuesdays)


It’s an experiment – it could fail –  but the reasons to try matter…

  • To  continue to experiment in the converging worlds of media and performance
  • To open a digital  window into the rehearsal process
  • To find out what happens when you create social media conversations around the rehearsal process
  • To play with new innovations that can help us tell stories to a wider, interactive audience
  • To play with more ways to bring classic texts to modern media
  • To see if there is something the performing art world can learn from the popular MOOCS
  • To find new ways to create our own work in the digital age

and hopefully

  • To create great content.

We hope you will join us over the next four weeks – in the chat rooms, on Twitter, on Facebook – as we share our live-streamed, interactive rehearsal of Shakespeare’s The Tempest with you – as we discover, with your help, what seems to work, what seems to fail, and what might be next!


TempestTuesdays Beta -  A LIVE, Interactive, Rehearsal Documentary



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