“Quality at Scale”; The Original Way


As I’m sure many people are, we have been very much looking forward to this year’s Digital Content NewFront conference.

This first press piece, in yesterday’s, has a good deal of justification for producing original web video content. We’ve certainly prescribed to this plan for some time. Namely:

  1. ”…episodes of shows made for the web are getting longer. People are certainly watching longer.”
  2. “There’s an economic reason to go longer form online.”
  3. “The proliferation of tablets and the iPad have changed consumer behavior around video,” said Yolanda Lam, senior VP at Publicis Groupe’s MediaVest.
  4. “What you’re going to see is a massive commitment to long-form programming, TV quality at scale,” said John McCarus, senior VP-branded content at Digitas.

As a fairly recent iPad owner, who has utilized apps & email & games, read periodicals, watched a few movies and now reading my first e-book, I can attest to the value of the media experience. These outlooks may be boiled down to how people are consuming media. We’ve believed that if you follow the audience, they will lead you. This is very much about understanding your “target audience”, a topic we’ll be posting an article on soon. ‘Always keep your eye on the ball’, I’ve been known to say often. The consumer is, and always has been, in charge. We’ve married the knowledge of where audiences are viewing media, what they want, where they’re not (declining numbers in attendance in the performing arts) paired with the “quality” that John speaks of. We firmly believe, and have proven, that with compelling content, in the right place, audiences will view. It actually answers so many questions; it provides so many solutions. I’m often reminded of a Chris Ingram quote (founder of Chris Ingram & Associates, CIA, a forerunner to today’s Mediaedge/ GroupM agency), who said “must have content”.

We are living to our name by turning the performing arts into an interactive global event. We are translating live performances into live-streaming experiences which are compelling, dynamic, and tailored specifically to the online video environment. We’re listening to our target audience and reinventing and re-conceiving the performing arts for a wired 21st century audience.

I began this piece, in the title, by stating in “the original way”. Couldn’t it be argued that the theater was one of the first forms of mass media? I believe said another way; it’s about “community”. Seems to me that this is something many marketers, if not all, are looking for today. They have realized that having a dialog with their audience is so much more effective than trying to convey a monologue. With advancing technology, and certain changes in the advertising landscape, I thought the chart below represented an intriguing notion, specifically how media has evolved. Your thoughts?

Come join us in this journey, particularly as technology advances, and certainly be on the lookout for more digital marketing/ online video-streaming news including AdAge’s Digital Conference.


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