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Better Left Unsaid TV

In January 2011 The VATV team produced the first ever live-streamed interactive play to over 50,000 unique viewers from all over the world. The audience Twittered, Facebooked and chatted standing ovations to the cast and crew from as far away as Japan and Barcelona, and as nearby and Cleveland and NJ.

The thrill of live theatre, the feeling of being a part of it and yet I’m miles away…amazing. – carolyn B, from Lowell, Massachusetts

Great Concept. Watching a live play in NYC while sitting on my couch in Barcelona @jbaljko

Wow, standing ovation!!! Fabulous script, talented cast, terrific direction & great online camera work! You may have started a whole new trend in theater. – T Brier Santa Barbara, California

STANDING OVATION!!!! What a gift to be in communication with this broadcast! @cindyfsolomon San Francisco

Standing O! Just watched live NYC theatre from cleveland – great play & great acting! – Azucca – Cleveland, Ohio

So happy to see a live NYC play from my couch here in Sweden … I can’t wait till the next one!! Keep up the good work! And keep streaming online! – Sophie

Better Left Unsaid was performed in front a a live New York City audience, shot with four cameras, edited in real time and streamed live to

Watch HD Replay of Better Left Unsaid TV!!!

Crucial elements of Better Left Unsaid’s live streamed experience was the intimacy of the live editing, and the incorporation of social media into both the online and in theater experience, headed up by Better Left Unsaid TV’s Director of Digital, Selina McCusker. Throughout the show’s run, online viewers were encouraged to participate in the online experience via Twitter, Facebook or Chat and many of their thoughts and comments were then incorporated into the live stream as well as projected into the theater so that the live NYC audience could could experience the comments from viewers all over the world.

Better Left Unsaid was written and directed by Joey Brenneman. It was produced by Kathryn Jones, Joey Brenneman and Erin Bigelow. Tom Concordia was the director of photography and the post show talk backs were hosted by Leonard Jacobs, editor of The Clyde Fitch Report.


Better Left Unsaid was developed in Playwright’s Gallery.

Special thanks to all the actors and writers who did early readings and gave feedback specifically, Deborah Savadge, John Jiler, RK Greene, Audrey Rosenberg, Tiffany Fraser, Stevie Ray Dallimore, Catherine Cox-Evans, Lynnette Rivera, Lajon Daniels, Darryl Ordell and Gary Riotto.

Thank You to Stacey Linden and Above the Bridge for hosting the reading that inspired this production.

Thank you to Sharon Waletzko for making the cake and cupcakes!

More Gratitude goes out to….

Philip Nelson and Newtek, Simple Studios, One Forty, Dan Parker, Arthur Aulisi, Alicia Arinella, Julie Tortorici, Geo Geller, Sharon Waletzko, Hallie and Zadie Waletzko, Carlo Vogel, Melissa Maxwell, Kfir Pravda, Deb Savadge, Zuzana Horova, Samuel Horova, Alicia Arinella, Julie Tortorici, Andrew Lipson, Louise Velvel, Aristo Babini, Laura Fitton, Barry Sarner, Leonard Jacobs, Lauren Parrish and Fab Arts, Anita Durst and Chashama, Horse Trade Theater, Nancy Robillard, Elena Holy and FringeNYC, Kevin Cunningham, Bill Sobel, Alec Pollak, The Co-op Board at 350.

Written and Directed by:
Joey Brenneman

Produced by:
Kathryn Velvel Jones
Joey Brenneman
Erin Bigelow

Sponsored by:
Simple Studios
Center Stage, NY

William………Dathan B. Williams
Maggie………Jennifer Dorr White
Carla………Jessica Arinella
Luisa………Kathryn Velvel Jones
Scott………Miguel Govea
DJ………Marcus Ho
Nick………Craig Waletzko
Lennie………Monique Lola Berkeley

Director of Photography………Tom Concordia
Broadcast Director………Erin Bigelow
Scenic Design………Jared Rutherford
Stage Manager………Sarah Perlin
Technical Director………Matt Mattossian
Sound Production………Miguel LaBoy
Costume Design………Ghislaine Sabiti
Original Music by………Danny Gray
Press Representative………Lanie Zipoy
Director of Digital………Selina McCusker
Business Affairs Advisor………Jonathan Pillot

Light Board Operator………Brenndan Carmody
Audio Board Operator………Roberto Cepeda
Technical Assistant………Daniel Dai
Run crew………Harvey Waletzko
Run Crew………Ted LoDuca
Poster Design………Sara Jones



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