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Mind the Art Presents Die: Roll To Proceed

Imagine if you will a world unencumbered by the stress of decision-making, a world where you never have to wonder if you made the “right” decision. In DIE: Roll to Proceed, the protagonist George, in a moment of self-realization sparked by a recent explosive argument with his girlfriend Kate, decides to revoke his own right to choose the paths his life will take. He stumbles upon a solution to avoid the customary human requirement of making hard and potentially life-changing decisions: a six-sided die.

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“A Choose Your Own (Hilarious) Adventure…. DIE: Roll to Proceed is the show to see in NYC!”
-Joonbug Magazine

“Expect the unexpected”
– TDF Stages

“The thrill of live theater pushed to the extreme”
– New York Press

“Gives new meaning to ‘Roll’ play… Bring your ID and leave your inhibitions at home…”
– New York Post

Have you ever wanted:

A play with 240 different possible outcomes?

An adventure comedy where the audience chooses how the story plays out every night?

A mix of German existentialism, French surrealism, British farce and Family Guy?

Ghost rats, plasma rifles, gay weddings, torturing aliens, poop, goat syphilis, Stranvinsky and a mannish landlady holding a severed pig head?


Then welcome to Die: Roll to Proceed.

At pivotal moments in the play, the audience (both at the theater and online) will be called upon to break the fourth wall and roll the die. Each number on the die determines a specific path the show can take, and after an audience member rolls, the show then goes in that direction. With the multitude of die rolls that occur throughout the show, there are 240 different versions of the play. Thanks to audience participation, George and his reclusive roommate embark on a comical, strange, and seemingly unpredictable journey. Their fate… Your hands… Roll the DIE.

Originally developed at the legendary La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, this interactive choose your own adventure comedy boasting 240 possible outcomes moves online after an acclaimed eight month sold-out run in NYC. Written by Joe Kurtz, DIE: Roll to Proceed features direction and original music by Christian De Gré (Story Time with Mr. Buttermen) and calls upon audience members to roll a die at crucial plot points to determine the course of the play. Since its premiere in 2010 no two performances have ever been the same.

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Die: Roll to Proceed - live-streamed comedy

Mind The Art Entertainment
in Collaboration with La MaMa E.T.C. , Rising Art A.C. (Mexico City) and Omega Phoenix Productions Proudly Presents:

Die: Roll to Proceed
A roll your own adventure comedy

Written by Joe Kurtz

Directed & Developed by Christian De Gré

One room in a dilapidated NYC Apartment

The Producing Team:
Christian De Gré
Ariana Paganetti
Daniel Szczuka
Jason Friedman Mendez
Pablo King
Adrian Corral
Mikol Dise

Designers and Crew:
Written by……..Joe Kurtz
Directed & Developed by……..Christian De Gré
Assistant Director……..David Williams
Costume Designer:……..Cora Levin
Lighting Designer……..Marciel Greene
Multi Media Designer……..Elias “Uva” Diaz
Props Master……..Ariana Paganetti
Production Designer……..Christian De Gré
Sound Designer……..Jason Friedman Mendez
Online Director……..Daniel Szczuka
Publicist……..Sam Morris PR
Original Music by……..Christian De Gré

George, the roller……..Joe Kurtz

Rob, the roommate……..Justin Anselmi

Kate, the girlfriend……..Mara Lileas

Griselda, the landlady……..Robert Moreira

The MC & The Police……..David Williams, R. Patrick Alberty