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35 – the first scripted web drama to stream LIVE

The project that started it all!

In September 2007, six months after the launch of the first live-streaming platforms, producers Kathryn and Guiesseppe Jones, director Adam Forgash, playwright Sharr White and a fantastic cast and crew made online history with the launch of the first scripted web drama to stream live.

“Theater people: we need you! – Virginia Heffernen, The New York Times

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“35” was shot with 3 cameras, all of which were edited in real time and streamed live to the internet. Although we were a new company, and our  total budget was less than $6000, “35” was covered by “The Wall Street Journal”“The New York Times”“Mashable”, and was featured in blogs all over the world.

Shot and streamed on the tiniest of budgets to a global audience, “35” is testament to the artistic possibilities that the 21st century web creates for artists of all kinds. It is equally a testament to our amazing cast and crew who worked tirelessly over three weeks to stream 10, ten minute episodes, live to the world.

live-streamed web drama

“35” was co-produced by the Digital Film Academy.

Directed by  – Adam Forgash
Written by –  Sharr White
Producers – Kathryn V Jones and Guiesseppe Jones
Co-Producers – Patrick DiRenna and Elena Primost
Director of Photography – Marcus Lehmann, Derek McKane
Original Music – Ryan Seaton, Mike Incze
Technical Director – Andrew Lipson
Production Sound Mixer – Jan McLaughlin
Assistant Director – Brian Gonzalez
Camera – Alain Xalabarde, Samir Mahadin, David Kowarsky
Boom operator –  Neil Danziger
Opening and closing titles –  David Kowarsky

Christian  – Guiesseppe Jones
Cal –  Arthur Aulisi
Sarah –  Kathryn Velvel Jones
Julie –  Hannah Sloat
Helen –  Elizabeth London
Lucas  – Bruce Ross
Robby –  Timothy Fannon
Lief –  Jason Loughlin
Julie’s friend –  Kaitlin Owens

Derrick Carey
Akshay Joshi
Elena Gorsheneva
Kerri Accardi
Mari Kawade
Leah Dennington
Rich McGrath