Does Prospero Open a Hat Shop? Tempest Tuesdays Beta Live Streamed Rehearsal Act 3, Scene 1

Stacey Linnartz and jeremy Rishe in Tempest Tuesdays Beta

Stacey Linnartz and Jeremy Rishe rehearse Miranda and Ferdinand in Tempest Tuesdays Beta

The lovers!!!!  So much fun to play with these relatively uncomplicated lovers from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Once again our chat room was amazing – offering up fantastic commentary and suggestions to our director and cast as they read through the Ferdinand and Miranda’s Act 3, Scene 1 love scene.  Special thanks to @DramaGirl and @Citymurf for your fantastic text and character analysis.

Some of my favorite discussion points (in no particular order)

    • Malcolm discussing performing the Scottish play 8 times a week, and every performance hearing words and meanings he’d never heard before
    • The challenge of living in the questions of the play – without letting that get in the way of your performance
    • Mark Lamos on how Basanio’s character reflects on and Portia
    • And a great story told by Malcolm about Tennessee Williams and Claire Bloom which gives us the title of this post

As always thanks to our fantastic crew who are doing yeoman’s work of overcoming a crazy space and no budget for a three camera live-streamed shoot, helmed by Matthew Matossian, to Anne Marie Vignola Chan on social media for VirtualArtsTV  and t oDirector Francesca Mantan Arkus, co-director Cameron Bossert and this week’s actors Malcolm Gets, Stacey Linnartz and Jeremy Rishe.

Check out the action….


*what is up with Prospero and the hat shop??? fast forward to 1:14:33


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