NYC. Central Park. 5:55AM. “Shakespeare in the Park”.


Romeo and Juliet at the Delacort

Romeo and Juliet

This past weekend I was (not surprisingly) reassured watching a piece on one of my favorite Sunday morning TV programs. By offering explanation I’ll also give more than due credit.

CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend had a fantastic feature on the 50th anniversary of The Public Theater’s annual season of “Shakespeare in the Park”, performed in The Delacorte Theatre. Fifty amazing years; beginning with “The Merchant of Venice,” starring George C. Scott, through this summer’s last piece featuring among others Amy Adams in Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”. Throughout these years, all of the Bard’s plays have been performed in front of approximately 4 million people. Who else performed here? Ever hear of Al Pacino, James Earl Jones, Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman? Absolutely amazing names indeed.

So I’m thinking about value. I think about the performing arts. I’m thinking about a phrase that I have heard often, “no free lunch”. Well, is there? As you might know the tickets are either incredibly low or free-of-charge. “Yes”, free. The caveat is that you need to wait in line. Their website even goes on to explain the city’s rules too – “NYPD will patrol the Delacorte area and issue summons to anyone in the Park before its official open time.” (This is cited as 6AM).

Shakespeare in the Park poster 2012

Shakespeare in the Park Banner

Someone very well may be lined up at any time of the night in the areas allowed…waiting. Not only is there inherently great value for that person but great value in the name of the performing arts! I would tend to doubt that someone would line up like that for, say, a great piece of free cake. Unless of course that cake was reciting, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears…”

Why am I reassured? As VirtualArtsTV continues to advance I enjoy seeing all walks of life (regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, etc etc) enjoying something we are so passionate about – the performing arts! I know what I’m including on my calendar as soon as possible. Do you? We’ll love to hear your thoughts.

Performing Arts Patrons waiting for tickets

Performing Arts Patrons


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