The Tempest Act 1, Scene 2 – A Live-Streamed Deep Dive Rehearsal

Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, a rehearsal room feels like home – the talk, the energy, the vibe 🙂
-Kate Foy in the chat room, Australia

I’ve always wanted to sit in on a rehearsal among artists of high caliber. Excited
– Cliff Thompson in the chat room, Tennessee

Whew! Tuesday was exciting. We took a much deeper dive into Act 1, Scene 2 of The Tempest (with some Caliban this time).

Malcolm Gets quotes Jack O'Brien

Malcolm channels Jack O’Brien as the company grapples with scansion and humanity

So much laughter, so much great work, so many discussion, about …

    • Exposition
    • Jack O’Brien
    • Tempest lovers vs other Shakespeare lovers
    • The Tempests position in the Canon
    • What is our relationship to scansion vs portraying human truth (with Kate Foy in Australia chiming in: “I think Prospero, in recalling the perfidy of his brother, reveals his passion – the disjointedness of thought is still bound by the rhythmic structure.”

and of course text, text, text, character, character, character, circumstances, circumstances, circumstances.

Director Francesca Mantani Arkus, Co-director Cam Bossert, Actors Malcolm Gets, Stacey Linnartz, Jeremy Rishe and Lindsay Torrey, with Kathryn Jones and Anne-Marie Vignola from VirtualArtsTv and Matt Matossian from InfusedMediaGroup

And Oh our chat room! Our brilliant viewers hailed from Australia, British Columbia, Tennessee, Utah, NYC.…. we had so much fun reading and responding to their thoughts and comments – and so look forward to more… thank you Patty, and Adam and Wendy and Cliff and Zach and Janis and Kate and Denise and Tina and Harvey and so many more!

Join us next week  – and get caught up on all things Tempest Tuesdays Beta by watching the video from last weeks rehearsal…



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