A LIVE, Interactive, Rehearsal Documentary


Because the world is changing and because if it’s gonna survive, our art has to change with it.


This is a chance to publicly explore new ways that artists can leverage technology to create work that is tailored to a digital audience.


Tempest Tuesdays Beta is a joint production between VirtualArtsTV, Third Wing Media, and Infused Media

Stacey Linnartz
Actor, Producer – Third Wing Media

Jeremy Rishe
Actor, Producer – Third Wing Media

Lindsay Torrey
Actor – Third Wing Media

Francesca Mantani Arkus
Director – Third Wing Media

Cameron Bossert
Co-Director – Third Wing Media

Kathryn Jones
CEO – VirtualArtsTV

Anne Marie Vignola
Marketing and Business Development – VirtualArtsTV

Matthew Matossian
DP- Infused Media

July 8, 15, 22 and 29
8pm EST
Join Us Online LIVE