The Birth of a Play


I hate writing exercises but I know that I have to do them.  Even when I am cranky  about them, they almost always expand my thinking or nudge me out of my comfort zone.  This one, inspired by my playwriting group, was the exercise that turned into a full length play. We were given an object, a location and an objective.  Mine were a letter, MOMA in NYC and “to get to the other side.”  The letter, I decided was one recently found from Vietnam.  MOMA held the painting that could be used to manipulate a difficult conversation and  possibly the sharing of the found letter.  The objective was to move past the years of misunderstanding to try to make sense of choices dictated by another era.  I thought it was going to be a ten minute play but William and Maggie, the characters who arrived on the page, had an offspring and so did their story.

Moma Photo by @NYCphotos-flickr


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