The Live-Streaming Biggies! Key Takeaways from Musical America Worldwide’s Live-Streaming Report

VirtualArtsTV is proud to be listed as “One Of The Biggies” in Musical America Worldwide’s just released Special Report on live-streaming platforms. As a production company as well, we are thrilled to join the company of our multimillion/ billion dollar colleagues, YouTube Live, Brightcove and LiveStream.

Key Takeaways From the Special Report on Live-Streaming

Musical America Special Report on Live-Streaming

  • Since they began free live-streaming The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has seen a 80% increase in ticket sales.
  • The overseas audience is significant,
  • Artists are happy to forgo any payment for streams that are free to view
  • Record companies are happy to release artists in exchange for the exposure and ability to use video excerpts for promotion.
  • Berlin Philharmonics Digital Concert Platform is seeing an annual subscriber growth rate of 25 to 30 percent.

“It reinforces who we are as a global orchestra” – The Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The report is thorough and fantastic, and while it focuses on classical music, every story and every statistic applies equally to all the performing arts.

Since it’s inception more than 100 years ago, Musical America Worldwide has established itself as the leader in international performing arts information and news.

Download the Musical America WorldWide Special Report on Live-Streaming Here


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