Sold Out! The Collaborator Party Celebrates The Tony Awards And Becomes a Nationwide Movement

VirtualArtsTV was thrilled to be the live-streaming and social media partner for the first ever Collaborator Party, celebrating Broadway Sound Designers, their collaborators and The Tony Awards. Collaborator Party organizers Lindsay Jones and John Gromada threw an fantastic, sold out bash at New York’s Houston Hall, which VirtualArtsTV streamed to a worldwide audience.

For the first time, theater collaborators, from sound designers, to stage managers, to scenic artists to prop masters, walked their own “red carpet” and were greeted by an online audience who Tweeted, Facebooked, and Instagrammed their support for all the theater artists who make it possible for the curtain to rise at 8pm every night at theaters across the US and the world.

Read the story on and check out some of the hundreds of “Collaborator” messages that viewers all over the US sent in during the live-stream!


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