Sponsorships and Advertising

In addition to the plethora of other benefits being a part of the WiredArts Fest we have the opportunity to earn additional revenue through sponsorships and advertising. The team at VirtualArtsTV has constructed various presentations & collateral material that can aide in these conversations. On our end, we have been holding conversations with various companies. If you have or would like to dedicate resources (e.g. staff, time, energy) to these initiatives, please reach out to me directly (David B. Cohen, david@virtualarts.tv917.880.6852).

We can have a fairly wide range of financial relationships for potential sponsorship/ advertising initiatives as well. Again, this is another reason to make sure we’re aligned in our objectives & conversations. The costs to companies are based on numerous elements including audience estimates (both in-theater & online) as well as aggressive industry average CPMs (cost-per-thousand “viewers”, a commonly used term in the marketing world).

In addition to numerous other items we are “selling” (better said, partnering with companies) access to a valuable audience. We are providing marketing creativity, flexibility, innovation and value in an effective & efficient manner. So, how can that potentially be implemented:

•             Through “Presenting Sponsor” opportunities [including on-camera host announcements, branded content (e.g. product placement, live commercials), other video marketing opportunities (e.g. HD branded segments) – PLEASE NOTE, some of these elements also clearly require creative discussions amongst VirtualArtsTV and your performing arts company

•             We can also execute various Digital Media components (such as pre-feature video, intermission & post-show video, watermarks, lower 1/3 banner ads & Social Media components)

•             Additionally there are opportunities for inclusion on promotional materials (including PR), show credit roll, event programs and sampling opportunities & onsite signage