WiredArts Festival FAQ

Will every company have a technical rehearsal?

Yes, each show will receive a tech rehearsal and a camera rehearsal prior to their live-streamed performance.

Why is there a charge to participate?

Like any festival, the producing company incurs tremendous expenses in producing the event, and a live-streaming festival requires not just space, staff and marketing budgets, but an entire film crew to hire as well. Fees are designed to cover our filming expenses for each company, VirtualArtsTV is covering the rest. Yes, some slots are more expensive than the NYC Fringe, but the going rate for a four camera live-stream starts at $5,000 and can climb as high as $20,000, so comparatively… this is a deal!  Throw in the fact that you leave with a 4 camera hi-def edit of your show and a chance to share your work with a global audience… you can’t pass this one up!

What does my performance fee cover?

-1 high def, multi-camera edit of your live performance
-Social Media Marketing trainings
-3000 square foot performance space at The Secret Theater with 99 seats
-Opportunity to invite your own audience to the Secret Theater
-4 camera setup and camera operators
-Live-Streaming Director
-1 Production Manager
-1 Sound (for streaming) Technician
-1 Board Operator
PLUS: The possibility to be selected for the final WiredArts Fest marathon day with a standard Rep Lighting plot (specialized for camera lighting).

Does the venue have a sprung dance floor?

Yes, the New Media Center at The Secret Theatre has a sprung dance floor suitable for modern and classical dance.

So how will the ticketing be split up?

In-house tickets will be $18. Each evening walk-up sales will be 50/50 split between VirtualArts.TV and divided among the companies performing that evening according to their performance slot fee.

Online viewers may watch for free via Ustream.com or pay $2.50 to watch high quality video without commercial interuption on the VirtualArts.TV website.

Do we have access to complimentary tickets?

We understand many companies have company members donating services or working for free. For this reason, you are entitled to 2 comps per member of your cast/crew for your in-house performances. Full name and email address of the person you are comping needs to be emailed 2 days in advance of your performance to wiredartsfest@virtualarts.tv. There will be no online comps as patrons can watch the show for free with commercial interruption (for no commercials, it will cost $2.50). However, we suggest that you use these wisely and scarcely as you are losing valuable ticket sale revenue every time you request a comp. We highly recommend that comps be used for press, donors, and legitimate industry only.

How are we going to be broadcast?

Ustream is our platform. They have commercials.  Views who are watching can pay Ustream $4 for commercial free viwing. We are going to stream to VirtualArts.TV for $2 for no commercials. Please encourage your audiences to view via our website which will have our social media.

How do I get in touch if I have more specific questions?

For general festival participant inquiries, please email wiredartsfest@virtualarts.tv

Or please see below for the festival contact sheet and other pertinent festival information.