A Comedy…. About Tragedy

This tiny tornado of a play lasts only 60 minutes, but spans a lifetime. Sally Lambert was an opera star and playwright until a grapefruit got in the way. She died last year, just before this play was to debut with her telling her own tale. Cheryl King has done a masterful job of taking up the role. This is a comedy about tragedy, pulled off brilliantly. We begin with Sally coming out of the anesthetic. The news isn’t great. Then we join her on a voyage through her life’s adventures, successes, and dramas. She laughs and we laugh. We are laughing to scare the devil, and we all know it. But we are laughing, and that’s what matters.”  Karen D’Onofrio,  eljnyc.com


Grapefruit is a one-woman show, written by Sally Lambert, and performed by Cheryl King. This 60-minute journey through Sally’s life and her struggles with the medical establishment during her cancer treatment has been running at Stage Left since September 2011. It’s been praised by critics and audience alike.


“….Cheryl King, StageLeft’s proprietress, who here reminds us that she’s also a magnificent actress. Her performance is nuanced, constantly compelling, and ultimately very moving.Theresa Gambacorta’s direction is unobtrusive, subtle, and smart.   – Martin Denton, nytheatre.com