Women and the Web Summit – This is A Chance for Change

Your Votes Will Bring More Women Speakers to Web Summit

Women Finalists for Web Summit's People's Stage

There are 77 people in the finalist competition to be a speaker on the People’s Stage at this years Web Summit.  Almost 25% of us are women.

For years women in tech have been concerned about the dearth of leaders in our industry, a circumstance that is reflected in the lack of women speakers at our major conferences.  This is our chance to make a difference, because on the people’s stage, the people vote.

The 77 finalists are competing for 50  speaker slots.  If every woman made the top 50 we would make up 38% of the speakers on the People’s stage.  Not 50%, but not bad. (A much better ratio than the announced main stage speaker’s list, of which women currently make up 11%.)

I have gone thru and voted for every woman speaker (who proposals cover everything from marketing, to not-for-profits, to women in tech to how web design can empower women in the Muslim World).  I have linked to each of them below in the order which they were listed on the leader-board when I created this list.

I hope you’ll take  10 minutes to click on each of the links and vote for each of the women below.  Perhaps, if we submit ourselves, and vote for one another we can begin to pave the way for meaningful and lasting change.

Ruthe Farmer – Tackling the Tech Talent Shortage – 1000s of Girls at a Time

Orit Hashay –

Caroline Bergaud – The dawn of the social revolution in recruitment & beyond

Sarah Peracha – How Web designing and development education helps empowering women in Muslim World

Ihitashri Shandilya – Importance of heritage art forms of the world and the role of technology

Kathryn Jones – The Days of the Gatekeeper are Over!

Colleen Hardwick – The GeoSocial Paradigm Shift in Public Consultation

Dr. Syb Bennett – Innovate: Lessons from the Underground Railroad

Emma Rose Metcalfe – he Future of Knowledge Sharing

Eileen Schuch – Word of Mouth Marketing: The importance of embracing the paradigm shift in consumer-brand relations

Jen Hinton – Not-for-Profit Enterprise is the Future of Business

Anshul Khandelwal – Technology in Social Sector

Kashika Madaan – Sustainable development

Kanika Khanna – How Crowds Bring Electricity to a Village

Lisa Lane – Founders Keepers

Natalia Talkowska – The Power of Visuals

Halley Suitt Tucker – A Reading from the Novel, Founders Less Than Three

Erica Williams Simon – Rage with the Machine: How Anger Online Can Change the World

  • Aimee August 27, 2013, 10:05 pm

    I’d love to but it appears to require voters have a Facebook account to “vote” (i.e., like). Bummer. Not all of us have/want Facebook but want to support folks like Ruthe Farmer!

    • kathryn August 28, 2013, 9:02 am

      Hi Aimee!

      thanks… and yup, this is all about Facebook. These contests are ultimately all about virality – and even though they can get really tiresome- they work! I found out about the summit in the first place because someone I followed “liked” a friend’s People’s Stage pitch – I saw the “like” on facebook and the info about the people’s stage, and applied myself… As long as they continue to work I think we’ll keep seeing “like” contests-

  • Orit Hashay September 11, 2013, 11:37 pm

    Thank you for voting me! I’m in on #6! 🙂

    • kathryn September 12, 2013, 10:47 am

      Wonderful!!!! So look forward to meeting in Ireland!


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